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This Page Shows the problem with the bridge in Sonoita. The Emergency Services Radio Station on the internet could have kept people advised. While the new bridge was under construction the detour road was treacherous and often times closed. This was because it was low enough the rain water in the river often covered the road sometimes deep enough to close the road unless you put your car on a trailer.

As you can see in the pictures some were forced to transport their cars on trailers on trucks. This would incur a charge of up to $50 dollars US. On this date there were over 240 cars that elected to return to the US. With the services of the Emergency Services Radio this could have been understood and taken into consideration before leaving the Tucson and Phoenix area. These people could have made a decision to take interstate 8 to Yuma adding one hour to their trip. As it was returning from Sonoita to take the Yuma to San Louis bypass would have added three hours to Peņasco.

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