Gerardo Figeuroa Zazueta "El Profe" President of Peņasco

The new President of Peņasco Gerardo Figueroa Zazueta the PRI candidate with political experience and class. The Municipal Electorial Board confirms Gerardo the winner.

Showing some of the stile and support for the people Gerardo has a positive track record. On May 7th, Gerardo Figueroa Zazueta handed out 1,364 athletic uniforms as the local Councilman, representing an investment of 132,000 pesos to help benefit 61 soccer teams who participate in a school league named for Figueroa the technical secondary school No. 37. In a lively atmosphere surrounded by young athletes, parents, and trainers, Omar Alfredo Leal Castaņeda thanked then Councilman Figueroa for the opportunity given to him and many others to demonstrate their athletic support. Figueroa, who represented the 2nd district locally, explained the support for athletics and recreation on behalf of teachers, parents, and the children themselves help form a school community to help promote values and many positive things.

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